Ever Seen A Sewer System

Ever Seen A Sewer System

Ever Seen A Sewer System

Have you ever seen a sewer system when it’s just being put in?

It’s a big hole in the ground with a backhoe standing beside it and big lengths of pipe standing ready.

Of course not.

It’s out of sight, out of mind. Underground.

This means that, if something goes wrong like maybe the system wasn’t planned correctly well, that’s a big problem.

Because now you might have to go down there and dig the thing up to make any adjustments.

This is all the more reason to plan and execute your wastewater system the right way.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Dave Bartholomew.

My company, Bartholomew Water Services, is a family-owned business that works throughout the State of Arizona.

We’re water experts, wherever it runs.

If you’re a real estate developer, call us.

We’ll work with your engineers and contractors from the storyboard phase through to final construction and make sure the job’s done right.

In the long run, this saves you headaches and money.

Bartholomew Water Services.