Water Service Maintenance Contracts

Water Service Maintenance Contracts

Water Service Maintenance Contracts

I once had the president of a homeowner’s association call from a condo complex near my office in Phoenix.

“Hi!” They sounded nervous. “Ahm … is this Bartholomew Water Services?”

“Sure is,” I said. “This is Dave Bartholomew speaking. How can I help you?”

“Uhm … we have a problem out here.”

This person went on to describe how the entire complex he represented was experiencing plumbing problems.

“Sounds like your lift station,” I said.

“The what?” they said.

“Lift station. That’s the machinery that dumps your complex’s wastewater into the municipal sewer system. When did you last have it serviced?”

“What do you mean, serviced?”

I sighed. “Your pumps have to be pulled up every so often. Their bearings need to be checked, the oil. You’ve got to run full diagnostics or else the system backs up.”

“I’m … sort of new at all this,” they said. “It’s a new complex. Everything you’re talking about … Isn’t that the city’s job?”

“Nope,” I said. “It’s only the city’s problem after your wastewater hits the municipal system.”

“Up until then, it’s legally your problem.”

“Oh.” The president sounded panicky. “Well … I’ve got a lot of people out here who are pretty angry. I wonder if you could …”

“Sure,” I said. “Be right out.”

Fixing their problem wasn’t hard.

And I put them on a regular maintenance contract that made sure that never happened again. Which saved them money long term.

If you own a home in Arizona, or represent an HOA, give me a call.
It’ll help you sleep better at night, and save you money long term.