Avoid Massive Wastewater Backup

Avoid Massive Wastewater Backup

Avoid Massive Wastewater Backup

Recently, I visited the wastewater lift station for a brand-new real estate development project.

This complex was a huge undertaking.

It featured two massive towers chock full of gorgeous condominiums.

An office complex.

A mixed-usage center.

Retail space.

Imagine a small city. That’s what this place was.

Thousands of people living and working near one another.

Now imagine what would happen if that lift station shut down.

None of the wastewater from all those spaces would make it out of the complex into the municipal sewer system.

Which means it would all back up.

This means that everyone would suddenly find themselves caught in the grips of a very big problem.

If you’re the head of a homeowner’s association or a real estate developer, I hope you’ll give me a call.

My company, Bartholomew Water Services, is an expert in planning, building, inspecting, and maintaining the kind of system I’ve just described.

Don’t wait until an emergency happens.